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Education at SCI-TU

The Faculty of Science and Technology provides education through a teaching staff possessing expertise in various scientific and technological fields by blending theoretical and practical teachings with emphasis on giving students actual practice experience and active learning. In addition, many subjects offer social service learning with life skill self-improvements in many aspects through creativity and integration of many sciences in order to solve actual problems in society. As a result, students have the opportunity to directly participate in social services, which make up a major part of the heart and soul of Thammasat students.












Thammasat University is a leading academic institution in Asia and meets international standards in the production of graduates and knowledge for solving national problems with firm commitments to justice and the good of the people.

A Supportive Learning Environment

The Faculty of Science and Technology has an environment that facilitates the most effective and efficient learning while also offering convenience and peace without disruptions. Therefore, an academic atmosphere exists to keep students enthusiastic to study, seek knowledge or take part in activities with both determination and concentration.

A Foundation in the Classroom

Learning in classrooms is geared toward building a firm foundation for expanding upon specialized knowledge through new and modern teaching techniques offered by an expert teaching staff. As a result, students are trained to ask questions and develop processes to find solutions while learning teamwork skills and creativity alongside the ability to use technologies to directly access an inexhaustible supply of knowledge, all of which are skills necessary for the 21st Century. 

Skill-building Practical Exercises

Learning is achieved through practical exercises in activities and through a wide range of media well-planned by the teaching staff alongside modern and up-to-standard scientific and technological tools and instruments in order to help students develop understanding about the relationships of different components through problem-solving and practice and effectively connect actions together in a rational and scientific manner.

Experience Enrichment with a Global Perspective

Learning experience is linked to experience in activities with society outside of the faculty in many forms such as camp, fieldtrip, idea competition, and internship activities as well as student exchanges with different organizations. In addition to giving students a philosophy and outlook on the world and attitude which promotes knowledge exchanges on the global level, students also get to develop life skills and styles to become capable individuals in teamwork, speaking foreign languages, building networks, and life-long learning, which is another way to enhance the competitive potential of students on the world stage.

Balanced Living for the New Generation

The common environment of the faculty and the university has been prepared to facilitate the relaxation and de-stressing of learners while offering contentment alongside academic knowledge and skill development in a balanced manner in order to encourage students to learn about themselves and to facilitate various activities in addition to academics in line with the age group and interests of students. The purpose of this is to ensure that students develop life understanding across all dimensions such as emotional, interpersonal or health.
Scholarships and Learning Resources for Students
The Faculty of Science and Technology offers financial assistance through many channels such as scholarships and learning resources such as scientific tools and instruments to students.





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