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Thammasat University should be like a water source for the people by offering both science and arts. Thus, the Faculty of Science and Technology was established in 1986 with the mission of becoming a faculty of science and technology that offers services to society in science through Thammasat University. Our faculty turned 34 years old on 31 March 2020. We started out with just five branches and now we have 10. We experienced a great deal of growth over the past 34 years. With the expertise offered by our teaching staff, we were able to produce purely scientific research works and applied science along with technologies to solve society’s problems. In addition, we created many innovations to support the national business growth and changing global business directions, which certainly include technological changes.

In 1986, I was accepted for enrollment at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Thammasat University in the field of computer science (which currently has is the Computer Science Department). With my faith in Thammasat and the faculty, which required very high entrance scores at the time, and graduates were in high demand by the market, as a first-generation student of the faculty, this is as good opportunity for me to repay the faculty. Thus, my team of administrators and I are determined to push our faculty toward further development with transparent work management while maintaining the high quality of graduates and unique identity of the graduates of the domed fences. I hope the science students of Thammasat University will help develop our faculty, so we stand strong and make sustainable progress as we serve society with contentment.

We strive to become a leader in the production of the new generation of science graduates and leaders with minds for science for business and innovations and who are creators of services for society in line with modern business practices. Moreover, we will never forget to produce science graduates for advancing science as graduates who will serve society and blend their scientific and artistic and social knowledge to sustainably keep up with global changes and play their part in humanity to ensure our well-balanced and happy lives. Thus, our faculty will serve as a pool for everyone in line with the motto of the domed fences.

I would like to invite everyone to work together, whether they are teachers, students, staff, or alumni of any class. Our success will not only be a work reward for me, but it will stay with our faculty and serve as a source of pride for all of us.


Associate Professor Dr. Natthathanon Hongwaritthorn
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology
6 May 2020