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About the Faculty

Work Management


        “”Be a leader in the production of leaders who integrate science and technology for the people and a sustainable society.”


Management Policies

  1. Administrate courses and develop students with the integration of science and technology.
  2. Promote and support production of challenging research and innovations that are modern and follow government policies. 
  3. Strive to become a university that offers academic services to the people.
  4. Manage the faculty with technologies and good governance.
  5. Establish new networks and strengthen ties with existing ones on research and academia with domestic and international universities.

Management Structure

  • The Graduate Studies and Research Department is responsible for creating and implementing strategic plans for the faculty on graduate studies and research as well as for planning and managing budgets for research and graduate studies; procuring research funding; providing academic services to society; serving as a center of scientific instruments; creating databases for research, patents, petty patents, and academic services offered to society; and performing any other assignments.
  • The Academic and Student Affairs Department is responsible for creating and implementing strategic plans for developing the academic work of every bachelor-level course as well as for student affairs, scholarships, faculty alumni relations, maintenance of culture and arts, and performance of any other assignments.
  • The Information Technology and Finance Department is responsible for performing tasks concerned with information technology, finance, accounting, supplies and procurement, social service projects and any other assignments.
  • The Strategies and Human Resources Development Department is responsible for creating strategic plans, work plans, projects, budget plans, risk management plans, and knowledge management plans and for quality development toward excellence (EdPEx), personnel work and human resources and work relating to buildings and facilities, vehicles, maintenance, physical aspects, foreign relations and public relations and performing any other assignments.


คุณโนรี เทียนขวัญ

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2019

คุณเนตรนภัส จันทร์พ่วง

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2021

คุณสุนันต์ อ่วมกระทุ่ม

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2020

คุณจิณห์นิภา พลสงคราม

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2018

คุณโนรี เทียนขวัญ

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2019


คุณครรชิต วิริยาพันธ์

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2094

คุณกาญจนา ทองเต็ม

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2020

คุณไชยรัตน์ ไวยลาภ

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2067

คุณพรศิริ สุทธิธรรม

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2015

คุณปณิชา สถาวรศีลพร

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2018

คุณปวีณา บินสอาด

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2014

คุณชัชชนก รัตนกิจภิญโญ

 0-2564-4440 ต่อ 2019